AWS Foundry Deployment Options

Deploy ThingLogix Foundry into your own AWS Account

ThingLogix Foundry resources are deployed into your own AWS Account. The do-it-yourself option allows you to download the CloudFormation Template and provides step-by-step instructions to help you through the installation and configuration. You’ll need a basic knowledge of the AWS console to finish the process. We are available to help, just email us at

Having the Foundry resources in your AWS account offers you the following benefits:

Consolidated billing
Your data is segmented into your own instance
Your business logic is fully contained in your own instance
Your devices are secured using your own certificates

For more information on ThingLogix Foundry, contact us at

ThingLogix Foundry Hosted Environment

We realize that running your own AWS instance isn’t for everyone. For companies that want to just “have it handled”. We will set up and manage all of the resources necessary to run your IoT Solution. Our consultants will help you configure Foundry to meet your needs and determine the support you’ll need to manage and run your IoT Solution. If you’re interested in us managing your AWS instance and Foundry, just email us at

For more information on ThingLogix Foundry, contact us at