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white paper thumbnailThe Impact of IoT on Service Building Contractors

The Internet of Things refers to devices that are connected to the Internet that allow users to control them remotely, like the thermostats and fitness trackers mentioned above that are common consumer uses. Here are five common functions where building service contractors can deploy IoT to make their buildings more efficient and effective. Download White Paper

Use Cases

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.55.09 AMPoolEnergy: PoolEnergy is focused on revolutionizing the residential swimming pool industry by reducing energy costs and providing an automated monitoring system for the certified pool dealer and the consumer. Download PDF



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Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS): A company that transports cars and other vehicles to commercial and individual customers throughout the continental United States, DAS migrated its legacy system to a cloud-based Salesforce platform and now tracks its logistics and manage digital inspection reports, saving the company time and money. Download PDF


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ThingLogix Foundry: Our IoT management toolset is unique to to the industry by providing a centralized framework for managing assets, devices, data and enterprise platform integration. ThingLogix Foundry enables customers to implement and manage all aspects of the technology, business processes and rules, by managing all the information about the device and running custom business logic. Download PDF



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IoT Development Lifecycle

ThingLogix helps companies in 5 major areas: IoT business strategy, technology strategy, development, along with design and analysis. Finally, we help your company run and evolve their IoT insights for long term value. View Infographic.


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6 Reasons the Value of IoT Remains Untapped

The IoT has reached the general interest of the public eye. More people than not seem to know what it is, and many businesses are excited to see what type of IoT project would best suit their business model. However, much of the IoT remains untapped. View Infographic

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7 Questions for IoT Implementation

As companies consider connecting their businesses with an IoT solution, there are many steps along the way. This infographic will help you and your business chart your IoT implementation in order to get the most out of you IoT investment. Also see our blog that discusses some of these in greater detail. View Infographic


Connected Car Solution & ServiceMaxConnected Car imageOur connected car solution integrates real time automobile engine and location data into ServiceMax. We can help fleet managers easily track and maintain their vehicles, and make data available in real-time to other employees to provide detailed insights to boost business efficiency and prevent maintenance issues. Download PDF

Water imageConnected Water Solution:  We provide property managers and commercial landlords with the detailed insights to measure the usage of their tenants’ water systems. Subscribers can easily track per-unit water usage, monitor for leaks, and recognize broad patterns in water usage as well as provide remote and automated shut off capabilities. Download PDF