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3 Options Let You Get Started Now

Accelerate your path to IoT value, whichever path you choose

Build It Yourself

Take the controls of a 100% cloud-based, full application stack for IoT

  • Access Foundry and Foundry Packages through the Foundry registration page
  • Design, test, deploy, and manage one IoT solution or a whole solution portfolio
  • Ideal for product development and engineering teams

Let Us Build It for You

Engage a team of IoT solution development experts

  • We shape your vision into tangible, customized solution concepts and technical specifications
  • We architect, enable, and deploy your new solutions rapidly and efficiently
  • Ideal for CXOs and GMs, as well as product development and engineering teams with limited IoT experience and/or resources

Enable Connected Field Services

Unleash the power of smart, connected infrastructure

  • We develop smart, connected solutions for field services, configured and customized to meet the unique needs of your business
  • We integrate your solution fully with the ServiceMax Platform for Field Service Management
  • Ideal for businesses with large installed bases of industrial or electronic infrastructure or devices, whether fixed or mobile

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