Connected Devices

The Whisker Engine module from our partner D6 labs is a low cost, high performance FCC pre-approved embedded wireless IO module designed for Internet of Things applications where exceptional battery life (5+ years) and long range (2-10 miles) are absolutely required.

Each module is equipped with analog, digital, and serial I/O. At the gateway, a host controls all of the Whisker engine modules in the network using simple AT commands via the UART. These commands allow the host to read inputs, set output values, and send and receive bytes via the serial port on remote modules.

Whisker engine modules are self-contained and require only a power supply and connection to the sensors and actuators to be monitored and controlled.

Whisker engine modules can also be used as simple, long range, low power wireless serial modems for legacy applications where RS-232 or RS-485 serial communications are used.

SensorBlock – Industrial Long Range Wireless Sensor

The Whisker SensorBlock is a battery powered wireless sensor package in a durable water-proof (water resistant) enclosure. The SensorBlock is versatile and can be configured with a number of sensing options.


  • 2xAA battery power
  • 5+ year battery life (10 min update rate)
  • Up to 4 miles operating range
  • Multiple Internal Sensor Options
  • Teperature/Relative Humidity
  • Pressure
  • GPS
  • 3-axis accelerometer (motion)
  • Light
  • Multiple external connection options
  • 0-5/0-10V DC
  • Resistance temperature probe
  • NPN output
  • Digital input
  • Waterproof (weather resistent enclosure)
  • Multi antenna options
  • Articulated 1/4 wave monopole
  • Articulated 1/2 wave monopole
  • High gain mag-mount

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