Do your executives know exactly what they want and do they have a clear IoT vision? Demonstrating the value of IoT is your first task.


Using the right metrics for success?


You need to understand the wider objectives of driving organizational change and how to measure them for success.

Buidling the right team


The right team starts with you, but do you have the right people with enough technical comptetancy to execute to market?


About the Author 
Steven is a hands-on leader specializing in Internet connected things and systems (IoT), M2M, data analytics, enterprise technologies, mobile solutions, cloud computing, and consulting services. Personally involved with numerous IoT rollouts; globally and at scale

Steven Loving 
VP Sales, ThingLogix

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Getting executive buy- in

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Product managers venturing into the wild world of the Internet of Things (IoT) need a new set of survival skills and a deep technical and organizational savvy that can be daunting. This eBook provides tips, strategies, and approaches as a guide into the wild world of IoT

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