For the Technologist

Use Any Device

ThingLogix has no specific device manufacturer preference. We help you find the right hardware solution to fit your needs. Often times we can source off the shelf devices and solutions which can save thousands of dollars and months of development. When it’s necessary to design and build a custom device, we can connect you with engineering partners and help you through the design engineering process.

Dynamic Environment

With ThingLogix’s device cloud solutions, there is no need for complex device configuration or database design. Nor is there need for a pre-defined data model or data-mapping requirements. With flexible architecture, the platform adapts to your data structure. ThingLogix can help you navigate integration of legacy data and design a system which works for your Enterprise.


When new devices connect or new data parameters are set, our platform auto-provisions. Add new devices and sensors and send data without costly platform configurations – the data is immediately available in local business applications. ThingLogix advanced device asset management tools make deploying firmware and manage the business context of your device deployments easy.

Deploy Your Way

ThingLogix is able to deploy device cloud solutions that work with your architectural preferences. Experienced in deploying Public Cloud device middleware and big data solutions, to private cloud, hybrid and on premise architectures to meet your needs.


Moving your device data into Enterprise systems can be a complex undertaking. ThingLogix provides the tools and expertise to assist your teams in getting your data where it needs to be.

Technology Evaluation

ThingLogix can assist in evaluating your IoT technology needs. From choosing the correct hardware design and distribution partners, to evaluating device middlware platforms and Enterprise integrations, ThingLogix is able to take the lead and work with your IT team to build a plan which meets your business partners requirements and works within your architectural constraints.