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IoT Development Services

Rapidly Bring Intelligent, Sustainable Solutions to Market

End-to-end IoT Solution Development

Many solutions and service providers claim to offer capabilities and services that cover the full spectrum of their customers’ needs. ThingLogix truly offers it all, from concept to launch and beyond. 

Backed up by years of experience implementing and managing smart, connected solutions in a wide variety of enterprise settings, we have the ability to rapidly size up any situation and help you bring your IoT vision to life.

With historical roots in the company that became the basis of Amazon Web Services’ IoT platform and our own cloud-based IoT solution development and management platform, we have the relationships, technical knowledge, and technology tools to get any job done… and to get it done right.

For businesses that prefer to shift the entire task of solution management outside their organization, ThingLogix will even take on that responsibility as a managed service. ThingLogix redefines “end-to-end” for IoT solutions, from development to full-lifecycle management. 

End-to-end IoT Solution Development

Business and Go-to-market Strategy

Validate a vision for IoT, translate it into viable business models and tangible solution concepts, and then structure the optimal path to market

Design & Build

Architect sophisticated, customized solutions across the cloud, mobile devices, and endpoints, then integrate the solutions with dependent and interdependent enterprise systems

Test & Learn

Evaluate solutions to ensure enterprise-grade performance and capabilities while making necessary decisions and refinements in collaboration with our customers

Deploy & Integrate

Stage and deploy the solution in a 100% cloud-based environment, while integrating it with endpoint hardware, mobile devices, cloud-based data sources and services, and key enterprise systems

Operate, Maintain, & Evolve

Power the features and functionality that comprise the market-facing IoT solution while orchestrating cloud apps and infrastructure, mobile devices and networks, and endpoint hardware, all while maintaining interoperability and version updates

Faster. Smarter. Better.

IoT Solution Development Cycle Time: ThingLogix vs. Standard Approach