Remove Complexity from IoT.

ThingLogix Foundry: IoT Made Easy

An IoT PaaS, Optimized for The Serverless IT Environment

Foundry is a cloud-based solution development and management platform (PaaS) that offers critical core functionality for managing the entire lifecycle of IoT solutions. It is optimized for rapid time-to-market, ease-of-use, limitless scalability and extensibility, and reliable, secure, sustainable operations over time. With Foundry, engineering and product management teams can collaborate more effectively, specialize in innovation activities that drive real value, and increase the pace and volume of IoT innovation. More time spent on IoT innovation = more solutions, better solutions, and better business results.
  • Create, deploy, manage, and evolve connected solutions, quickly and easily
  • Access and utilize essential functionality for any market-facing IoT solution
  • Incorporate specialized IoT functionality for specific use cases
  • Optimize the serverless IT environment of Amazon Web Services (AWS)