Asset Utilization

Connected Asset Management for

Managing your assets has never been easier.  No more complex spreadsheets of ever changing data that manually requires employees, partners, and customers to submit.  ThingLogix Connected Device Management for allows business users to use the power of sensors to tell you where your assets are located all within Salesforce. 

  • capabilities for device provisioning
  • remote access
  • configuration
  • administration
  • software management
  • device monitoring and troubleshooting
  • BLE beacon based inventory management hardware options

Using ThingLogix connected asset management solution, companies can manage both the physical device as well as the metadata and business context.

  • Slashes service and support costs by proactively monitoring the health of devices for trending of KPIs
  • Automates firmware over the air updates with over-the-air parameter administration (OTAPA)
  • Frees your customers from the hassle of updating the firmware from their locations
  • Keeps device software current and more reliable
  • Addresses recall management issues in updating or decommissioning equipment remotely
  • Enables you to deliver value-added services that customers pay for
  • Increases your market share by differentiating from your competition with connected services