Integration Tools

ThingLogix integration solutions enable you to integrate device, cloud and on-premise applications easily, reduce costs and optimize resources and productivity with multiple deployment models to meet your needs. The tools provide a graphical configuration approach—rather than custom coding, on-demand tooling or traditional middleware—to help you integrate applications quickly and simply. Ideally suited to combine on-premise, device and cloud data stores.

ThingLogix integration solutions provide capabilities for near real time integration: data cleansing, condition and trend analysis and monitoring, and migration, data synchronization and connectivity, workflow and transformation that enable you to orchestrate integration processes across multiple applications.

ThingLogix DB Synch

ThingLogix DB Synch is designed to keep any Object and any database in a two-way synch. DB synch eliminates the need for costly synch tools.

Supported Databases

  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • Oracle
  • Heroku Postgress

ThingLogix Page Synch

ThingLogix Page Synch is a system that records real-time web form activity. ThingLogix Page Synch can tell marketing what the user is doing while they are on the page.

  • See where users are abandoning forms
  • Capture data from partially completed forms
  • Integrate data into CRM or analytics tools