ThingLogix Joins New ServiceMax Marketplace to Optimize Internet of Things Deployment

ThingLogix Joins The ServiceMax Marketplace To Help Field Service Technicians Gain Insights from Connected Devices

San Francisco, Calif. – March 4, 2015. ThingLogix today announced it has joined the ServiceMax Marketplace to help field service technicians incorporate Internet of Things technology into their businesses, managing their connected devices and collecting data insights through ServiceMax’s platform.

Paired with ServiceMax, ThingLogix can deploy a range of IoT solutions for ServiceMax customers, enabling them to quickly develop and deploy connected device technology that will help them better manage their connected assets and generate real-time automated responses to trigger actions, making their businesses more efficient and cost-effective. ThingLogix’s solutions for ServiceMax customers include:

The connected vehicle solution – Working with partner Velio Technologies, ThingLogix can help field service technicians develop a practical and economic end-to-end connected vehicle solution to help companies access and manage vehicle data. Using Velio’s GPS and OBD-II tracking technology, technicians can gain real-time insight on vehicle mileage, location, usage, and component maintenance needs.

The smart water meter solution – ThingLogix integrates Avyzo’s smart water meter components with the ServiceMax dashboard so that technicians can track water usage by unit in larger properties, monitor for leaks and provide remote and automated shut off capabilities.

Internet of Things prototyping – ThingLogix can assist your company with deploying various environmental monitoring, solutions and prototyping IoT connected device solutions based on the ServiceMax platform to meet your unique industry needs, quickly moving from proof-of-concept to large-scale production once your prototype has been tested.

ThingLogix suite of solutions enable businesses to monitor their devices’ conditions in real-time, with automated alerts and actions in response to trigger events. This helps companies proactively respond to maintenance issues and automatically track changes in variables, such as temperature, pressure, or location. Deploying connected devices can improve business efficiency and lower costs by reducing service technicians’ manual workload. Using IoT data insights, your business can also analyze trends in customer behavior and device usage that will assist with planning your long-term business goals.

“Connected devices can be powerful, but if they’re not properly integrated with the core systems that you use to run your business, you won’t be able to make fully realize their value,” says ThingLogix CEO Carl Krupitzer. “By helping companies deploy industry-specific IoT solutions that are integrated with ServiceMax, we can help them optimize their operations without disrupting their existing workflow.”

“As organizations increasingly turn to technology to deliver flawless field service and empower their employees to turn customers into raving fans, it couldn’t be a better time to aggregate the most promising solutions in a single marketplace,” said Dave Yarnold, CEO of ServiceMax. “The 34 partners in the ServiceMax Marketplace are able to address the unique, needs of field service organizations, helping them to deliver better service to their customers and keep our world running.”

ThingLogix team has extensive experience assisting B2B and B2C companies across a range of industries with integrating Internet of Things technology, working with customers in fields including industrial cleaning, fleet management, and property management. ThingLogix consulting team partners with technology vendors to offer a number of ready-to-go IoT solutions that work with ServiceMax, and can assist with custom prototyping needs and ServiceMax integration for new use cases. ThingLogix can help companies support their field services technicians by providing them with rich, real-time data insights to automate manual processes and make more informed decisions.

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ThingLogix provides services and solutions for companies looking to accelerate their adoption of IoT (Internet of Things) technology. Customers are increasingly looking to connected products to improve business processes, provide new revenue opportunities and improve customer service. ThingLogix has deep Salesforce and ServiceMax platform experience as well as a proven track record of developing successful IoT strategies, defining quick win proof of concepts, and rolling out production programs with integrations into core enterprise systems.

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