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Rob Rastovich

How Serverless Computing Has Unleashed a New Era of IoT Innovation

Serverless computing is rewriting the rules of web architecture. This technology is allowing developers to move into an infinitely expandable space where the development of an application itself has changed and single lines of code are becoming discreet, agile actions….

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8 Tips for Your IoT Integration

Integrating an Internet of Things solution can be a challenge, even to seasoned product managers and developers. IoT-connected devices offer so much broad potential that it’s hard to narrow the focus and keep your eyes on the prize. But it’s…

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Why the MQTT Protocol is Ideal for the Internet of Things

The IoT is a landmark development for businesses, and it’s still growing. Programmable, networked devices are estimated as over a $14.4 billion opportunity according to Cisco. By 2020, IBM thinks that the number of IoT devices worldwide will surpass 30…

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