Building Large Enterprise Applications with ThingLogix Foundry

ThingLogix Foundry can be used to build very robust IoT and event driven applications. In addition, the platform makes it easy to build complex Enterprise workflow and business applications. Foundry’s fully integrated approach to development, testing, deployment and management is an easy platform for application development teams to adopt and extend.

Foundry users can create robust architectures and take full advantage of innovative Amazon services like SageMaker, Alexa, Sumerian and more. With direct integration to, Foundry is an excellent alternative to costly licensing for custom applications that you may be considering building on Foundry works on top of the AWS platform and provides an orchestration layer that scales to millions of users and billions of records out of the box.

A number of our customers have built complex customer facing portals, and systems on Foundry.

Architecture Guidelines

ThingLogix Foundry serves as a best-practices framework for building serverless, event driven and IoT applications on AWS. We offer guidance and best practices to help companies jump start building applications using configuration not code. Our full deployment guide helps companies get up and running on their own or our team can provide fully managed environments or anything in between.

ThingLogix Foundry Customer Success

A number of our customers have successfully used ThingLogix Foundry to build complex large scale systems. Here are a few examples:

Facial Recognition Time and Attendance

ALEC is a large construction company in the Middle East. They needed a system to improve the management of large numbers of hourly workers checking in and out of huge construction sites in Dubai. The objective was to build a system that validated users as they walked through the tunnel on the construction site and clock them in to work. When they left the site, they were clocked out and at any given time, they needed to be able to see who was onsite. All of this needed to be integrated with their HR systems and employee access card system. The solution uses HIKVISION cameras, AWS SageMaker and Foundry.

Athlete Performance Management System

6-8 Sports is a youth athlete performance management company that is focused on helping young aspiring athletes train appropriately and bench mark their progress against other athletes around the world. 6-8 Sports built an athlete mobile application, game scoring tools and a complex AI driven system to track and benchmark athlete performance over time.

Case Management

Catholic Charities of Silicon Valley built a data exchange application that enables nonprofit organizations providing services to the poor in the San Francisco Bay Area to have a better view of the services being consumed and increasing their ability to refer individuals for additional services from other organizations.

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