About Us

ThingLogix is a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, solution components, and services.

Foundry, our proprietary cloud platform, simplifies, accelerates, and optimizes the development, deployment, and operation of market-facing IoT solutions architected on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Foundry Packages, our component applications built on Foundry, are sets of composite IoT functionality packaged to enable market-facing IoT solutions for specific industries and use cases. Our technology enables sophisticated functionality, rapid time-to-market, simplified solution evolution over time, and extreme cost efficiency.

Our customers can use our platform and component applications to manage their in-house solution development themselves, or alternatively, utilize our full-lifecycle development services to bring cutting-edge IoT solutions to market and maintain them over time. We also offer business and technology advisory services to help companies formulate IoT strategies, conceptualize solutions, go to market effectively, and harness enabling technologies for maximum impact.

ThingLogix was founded in 2014, and was originally the services group of IoT platform provider 2lemetry. In 2015, AWS acquired 2lemetry, which became the basis for AWS IoT. ThingLogix has maintained a strong relationship with AWS, architecting Foundry to orchestrate all of the AWS services necessary for a complete IoT solution, and also certifying as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner.

Global Presence

We operate globally from our offices in San Francisco and Dubai.