Develop without limits.

Will I hit limits when I develop on ThingLogix Foundry? When people ask us this question, they have often just experienced our visual application development model or seen a demo and are concerned whether they will be able to include their own code. They worry that they will encounter platform limitations later in the development process that will prevent them from building enterprise-grade applications, designing rich and complex mobile and web user interfaces or integrating with the myriad of systems and databases that exist in their environment.

ThingLogix Foundry is open by design to allow all layers of the application framework to be extended with your own code: front-end, back-end, database and integration. In addition, ThingLogix Foundry’s configuration framework allows users to develop logical expressions and more complex actions without having to write external code. Because Foundry installs the platform into your own AWS account, you retain full control of the underlying resources which increases flexibility and gives you the full power of the underlying cloud.

  1. Extending the User Interface: the Foundry UI framework, enables the creation of complex mobile and responsive web user interfaces to be developed as a wholesale replacement to the UI or to manage and surface custom pages. The default look and feel can be customized through configuration. A full API makes it fast and easy to go as deep as you want to create a custom UI for your application.
  2. Extending the back end: Custom code can be built and published using AWS Lambda, Azure Functions or any external code base. Languages can be any that are supported by the function as a service platform. Custom functions developed externally are available to use in the configuration environment as actions.
  3. Integrating external databases: ThingLogix supports pushing data to external cloud or on-premise data stores. Additionally, we have connectors that can be installed on the database server which keeps your data legacy data in your Oracle, SQL, Postgress, or MySQL database in sync with Foundry. The option to treat database traffic turns legacy applications and data into an event driven application. The age of database as a device is here!
  4. Integrating to existing systems: ThingLogix Foundry integrates out of the box with and other critical Enterprise systems through REST or SOAP. Integration without writing code = AWESOME!

ThingLogix has a library of extension and wrappers which are available to customers to jump start integrations with common services such as Stripe, PayPal, GSuite, QuickBooks etc.

Avoiding the pitfalls of rapid application development

The Foundry architecture avoids the pitfalls of coding your applications. The visual development environment was designed to be flexible enough to build high-powered, high volume IoT applications or Enterprise applications. Foundry is an orchestration layer on top of AWS abstracting the complexities of working with foundational serverless resources on AWS>

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