Deploying Foundry

Deploying OutSystems

Customers create a Foundry account and install the platform into their AWS account.u00a0 Once they have the account and the 15 minute installation is compete, customers are able to begin development. Foundry was designed also for other clouds and hybrid deployments. The ThingLogix architecture allows you to utilize on-premise and cloud data stores and to run workloads on other cloud platforms like Azure and Google.u00a0

Here’s a high-level overview of the possible configurations:

  • AWS Cloud:u00a0Install Foundry into your AWS account using CloudFormation. You have full control of the platform and infrastructure resources.u00a0
  • Hybrid:u00a0Foundry installed into your AWS account. Use our pre-built connectors to attach to on-premise data stores or run workloads on other clouds.u00a0
  • Managed Services:u00a0Create your account and get going! ThingLogix takes care of the infrastructure and provides you with a fully managed application development environment. You build in Foundry, we do the rest.u00a0