Developing with ThingLogix

Developing with ThingLogix Foundry

ThingLogix Foundry is a low-code rapid application delivery platform that accelerates the delivery of Enterprise grade, event driven digital transformation and IoT solutions. Developers use a configuration based development environment that covers the entire development lifecycle.u00a0

Single Integrated Development Environment

The entire application environment is built on the AWS serverless stack and provides a single, integrated development environment using a low-code approach with the flexibility to support multiple development environments to match your preferred controls and processes. Foundry is able to be installed in multiple AWS Accounts, regions or to segment within the application using sub-accounts. This includes front-end, back-end, database, application logic, event processing, integration, AI and more.u00a0

Front-end: Build the UI of your application using out of the box Foundry UI, pre-designed templates or design robust custom UIs that you can extend with HTML, Javascript, CSS and a full API.u00a0

Back-end: All aspects of the back end are configured and built using a a visual configuration development toolset. You can extend the platform capabilities using custom code and the entire portfolio of AWS services.u00a0

Database: Model your application’s database visually, connect to any existingu00a0 data-source, work with schemaless data and keep Enterprise applications like Salesforce in synch without writing code.u00a0

Integration: Easily integrate with Enterprise systems, choose from pre-built integration extensions, consume and expose web services and build custom connectors.u00a0

Covering the entire development lifecycle

ThingLogix supports developers throughout the entire lifecycle:

  • Rapid development and integration – Quickly design, develop and deploy robust, Enterprise scale applications and integrations using clicks, not code.
  • Deployment – Automated deployment and testing tools.u00a0
  • Monitoring – Built in monitoring capabilities as well as direct integrations with AWS CloudWatch.
  • Management – Configuration based management tools make it easy for business stakeholders to manage the application. Direct access to the underlying AWS services allow for tuning and greater control.u00a0

Foundry as a Multi-Tenant Application Framework

It is possible to build and deliver Foundry applications as multi-tenant. Modern Enterprise applications and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications must reach out to multiple customers and multi-tenancy enables companies to serve many customers with a single application while isolating customer data

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Reports and dashboards with Foundry

ThingLogix Foundry offers users several method for building reports and dashboards: A set of out of the box charting widgets available out-of-the-box. Visual data aggregation capabilities Powerful charting library Open architecture that enables incorportation of external HTML/CSS/JavaScript reporting widgets Export

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Develop without limits.

Will I hit limits when I develop on ThingLogix Foundry? When people ask us this question, they have often just experienced our visual application development model or seen a demo and are concerned whether they will be able to include

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