Managing the Application Lifecycle

Lifecycle Management

Serverless Cloud changes the way you think about DevOps and lifecycle management. We have designed Foundry to support your software development lifecycle management processes and and understand that your success is reliant on your ability to develop quality software that is sustainable.u00a0

ThingLogix supports the entire application lifecycle as follows:

  • Environment segmentation and management: Foundry installs into your AWS environment. Development environments can be installed as unique AWS accounts or as regions in the same account. Additionally, users are able to segment development environments using built in tools in the same instance of Foundry. We engineered flexibility to meet your needs.u00a0
  • Deployment: Easy deployment of custom components and configurations using AWS CloudFormation.u00a0
  • Operations and analytics: Foundry and the underlying infrastructure is automatically monitored using AWS CloudWatch. Additional monitoring and alerting can be configured from within your application.u00a0
  • Management: Configuration management and identity management are also handled by Foundry.u00a0