Hiring an IoT consultant? Think small

You may have read the Cognizant blog post from earlier this year that touts the benefits of big consulting in developing and implementing an IoT strategy—but is bigger really better? Big IT consulting firms like CGI, Cognizant, and Infosys specialize in overall technology delivery. The problem is their IoT solutions will be one-size-fits all and they likely won’t have the creativity or skill to meet your company’s specific and evolving needs. A smaller firm is often more attentive, affordable, and knowledgeable about your rollout’s unique goals. So why not give the little guy a try?

Here are three ways a smaller IT consulting firm might better suit your needs:

1. A small consultancy gives you personalized solutions

It’s easy to get lost in a big consulting firm packed with multiple players and sizable egos. But a small IT consultancy will keep you front and center because we know each and every customer is key to our success.

For example, at a small consultancy your IoT solution will not only be custom-crafted for your company, it will be adjusted and improved as your IoT scales. We’ll pay close attention to detail and to customer satisfaction every step of the way. Take Sennco Solutions. Sennco is in the business of designing security alarms for store electronics. Think the cord attached to cell phones at an AT&T mall kiosk—very tangible stuff. But Sennco recently ventured into the intangible with a wireless security system for electronics that would need to be supported by the IoT technology.

Working with IoT technology was definitely outside the company’s wheelhouse, so they came to ThingLogix looking for a holistic set of solutions. Because we’re a small firm, we wanted to take the time to make sure every aspect of Sennco’s IoT rollout would go swiftly and smoothly. That sometimes meant unique solutions that we devised only for Sennco. But it’s worth it for us to maintain the client-first ethos that’s part of a small firm’s edge.

For Sennco, we functioned as both a consultant and a software developer, implementing our IoT solution Foundry for much of their needs and customizing Foundry as Sennco required. We were even able to respond to last-minute requests without affecting the time-to-market. How many big consultancies can guarantee that kind of service?

2. A small consultancy knows its product inside and out

Unlike big consulting firms with multiple products to juggle, small consulting firms are experts in their one or two products. Clients will even get one-on-one time with the developers of their product, like the developers of Foundry.

Small firms know exactly how to apply their products to address your challenges. Plus, they’re constantly improving and expanding their offerings in response to the needs of their customers. This makes small consultancies more flexible and innovative than their larger counterparts because they’re not tied to a certain product that works a certain way and that’s it. While a big consultancy may try to sell you on a catalogue of cookie-cutter solutions, a small consultancy can customize its product for you and make sure the process of implementing it suits your schedule and your needs.

3. A small consultancy can help you move faster to market

Finally, small consultancies are often able to help a client move faster to market. Here at ThingLogix, for example, we have developers working around the clock, all over the world, to make sure our software works for our clients 24/7. Because of this personalized attention, we are able to get our clients up and running as soon as possible, and keep them running as long as they work with us. This often makes for a more cost-efficient solution than those offered by big consultancies.

In addition, because of the deep, niche expertise fostered by a small firm, you might find their IoT product also cuts your rollout time. For example, we developed Foundry to address most of a client’s needs in an IoT rollout. And because we understand key IoT platforms so well (AWS IoT), for many clients Foundry does just that—it’s a plug-in, ready-to-go solution that can get devices connected to the cloud ahead of schedule. Quick and easy.

Get smart, go small

As you consider which consultancy to hire for your IoT rollout, think about adding a small firm to the running. Talk to them about the service they can provide, the products they offer, and their overall client ethos. See how well they know their offerings and whether they’ll be available to help you customize your rollout, even with last-minute changes. Get a sense of how important you’ll be to them compared with your standing with the big guys. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Interested in how the small consultancy ThingLogix can provide you with big-time IoT guidance? Contact us for more.

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