An IoT Consulting Firm Just Might Save Your Business

Today’s economy require companies to think creatively and adapt quickly. Whatever the market, business leaders are stretching their legs to discover new methods and technologies that better serve their customers, build better products more efficiently, open new revenue streams and create value in ways never before possible.

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers companies the opportunity to think differently about their products, their services and their customers, but the process of implementing these new technologies is complex. Successful solutions require deep IoT knowledge and creativity. This is where a capable and reliable IoT consulting firm steps in to help you create business goals, implement a solution, and put your data to future use.

Opportunity: Discover new and exciting goals you didn’t know were possible

According to a 2014 report from BI Intelligence the IoT will result in $1.7 trillion in value added to the global economy in 2019. This includes hardware, software, installation costs, management services, and economic value added from realized IoT efficiencies. The same report states that the IoT will be the largest device market in the world, estimated to be more than double the size of the smartphone, PC, tablet, connected car, and the wearable market combined by 2019.

The IoT has the potential to change the way businesses approach their market. These businesses will need insight and guidance to navigate the new devices, services and solutions that make up this fast-changing, ultra-connected landscape.

Efficient Implementation: Integrate applications, reduce costs & optimize resources

The main benefit of growth in the IoT for businesses will be increased efficiency and lower costs. When a company is on the road to discovering and implementing better solutions, the process needs to be fast and it needs to be thorough. Technologists are faced with requirements from business leaders which challenge the systems, the processes, the infrastructure, the security, and the pace at which the business can assess and respond to its needs. IoT offers opportunity, but if there’s no plan in place, it can present real problems for an organization. A reliable IoT consulting firm puts vertical-specific plans in action, adapting to the company’s specific goals and organizational intricacies to implement IoT solutions quickly so the business can start realizing reduced costs and optimizing resources as early as possible.

Valuable Data: Derive Insights & Actionable Intelligence

IoT device implementations generate a huge amount of data from connected devices. Being able to leverage IoT-produced data allows companies of all shapes and sizes to proactively initiate sales and services which benefit themselves and their customers in unprecedented ways. This intelligence allows manufacturing companies, for example, to shift away from selling widgets and start selling results. Transforming raw data into actionable intelligence requires insight-driven services that are creative, technical and business focused.

As the IoT field grows, companies of all sizes are realizing the cost and efficiency savings from implementing an IoT solution. To make the most of a custom IoT implementation, it’s crucial to work with a reliable partner. At ThingLogix we know how to integrate creative solutions that are customized and logical, allowing you to optimize resources and do business better.

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