NetEdge Selects ThingLogix for India Smart City Enabling Innovative IoT Solutions in India

Indian Government has launched Smart City Mission across the country to upgrade the infrastructure of about 100 cities to make them citizen friendly and sustainable by effective utilization of resources like food, water and people. This initiative by Indian Government has resulted in development of many innovative solutions which are leveraging new digital technologies like IoT, AI/ML and Analytics.

To make this a reality, IoT (internet of things) is critical to bring intelligence to the devices while making them citizen friendly. NetEdge has helped innovative startups deliver solutions such as:

  • a Intelligent Drip Irrigation system to irrigate only that land that is lacking the required moisture to sustain the growth of crops. The solution helps reduce the consumption of water, since agriculture is 80% of the total water consumption globally.
  • a Warehouse Facility Management that maintains the ambient temperature and humidity according to the Goods Stored in the warehouse, thus reducing the wastage of food items due to non-maintenance of these parameters.
  • a Feedback Mechanism which captures the mood of the citizen at service provider point. This feedback is analyzed for continuous improvement and leveraged for training of the service provider to improve the quality of service.

The ThingLogix Foundry IoT platform has allowed these Startups to reduce the time to market by developing their solutions in  weeks instead of months. The entire solution was developed by NetEdge using the Foundry platform and the AWS IoT Stack. “ThingLogix Foundry has enabled Vida to develop the product and launch the service in matter of months and enabled us to remain ahead of our competitor” says Prateek Kumar, Founder of Vida, the developer of Mood Counter.

“There are big opportunities for large-scale deployments of IoT-enabled devices in agriculture, food technology, energy, utilities and healthcare sectors. This is possible due to the integration of edge sensors, IoT platforms like Foundry, analytics and enterprise systems.” says Dr. Manoj Saxena, CEO of NetEdge.  

“ThingLogix is proud to help NetEdge deliver innovative IoT solutions to enable the Smart city of the Future initiative in India, thereby supporting the 10 fastest growing cities in the world.” (World Economic Forum 2018)

About NetEdge

NetEdge since its inception in 1992 has established itself as an innovative IT Consulting, Software and Product Development company. NetEdge’s philosophy is to establish a partnership relationship with our clients in which attaining the goals of our client results in mutual success. We work with our clients to architect and implement solutions to meet their business objectives and shorten the time to market.

We serve clients from Government, Healthcare, Banking and Financial Services, Media and Publishing.  NetEdge has its Global Innovation and Delivery Center located in NOIDA, India and its office in UK and USA to serve these markets.

About ThingLogix

ThingLogix is a provider of Serverless Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and Serverless No-Code Solutions. We empower our clients with a scalable and extensible, enterprise-grade, serverless IoT and No-Code platform that propels solutions to revenue in a fraction of time.

Our platform Foundry simplifies, accelerates, and optimizes the development, deployment, and operation of market-facing Serverless or IoT solutions deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our technology delivers sophisticated functionality, rapid time-to-market, infinite scalability, and extreme cost efficiency. Customers can also customize our platform by writing Function as a Services (FaaS) Lambda functions using one of 7+ coding languages, or by integrating with our published REST-based API framework.

ThingLogix operates globally out of our offices in San Francisco, Dubai and regional locations in Amsterdam, San Diego, Chicago and Denver. For more on ThingLogix visit:

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