ThingLogix is proud to partner with many leading System Integrator, Hardware and Cloud Computing companies. We all have a passion for delivering high quality, scalable, IoT solutions for our customers. If your company would like to join our rapidly growing partner ecosystem, please apply below.

Become a Partner

Arcsona and ThingLogix have partnered to bring high quality Enterprise system integration and custom application development to customers. Specializing in DevOps, CRM and Testing platforms, Arcsona helps us bring high quality solutions and long term value to our customers.

Our partnership with Effectual have partnered to serve our joint public sector customers by providing innovative AI, Machine Learning and IoT solutions. Effectual provides services to design, optimize, and manage secure modern cloud environments for public and private sector organizations across AWS, VMware, and VMware Cloud on AWS.

ThingLogix is an Avanced Tier Technology Partner with IoT and Public Sector competencies. We have been working with IoT on AWS since before the service launched. Formed as part of the AWS acquisition of 2lemetry, ThingLogix is the most experienced AWS IoT Cloud provider in the world.

ThingLogix is a Microsoft partner. Our platform allows customers to run split workloads on AWS Google and Microsoft Azure. Cross cloud architectures are common and bringing together the power of multiple cloud platform providers results in a stronger overall solution.

ThingLogix has a long history as a Salesforce partner. With experience implementing Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud, we can handle all of your Salesforce development and customization needs. The ThingLogix platform has native Salesforce sync built in, so it is easy to integrate IoT and AI into your Salesforce solution.

Hella Aglaia manufacturers high quality and powerful people sensing, driver assistance systems, testing, lighting and AI hardware. ThingLogix has teamed up with Hella to develop several ioT driven solutions including Workwatch Spaces which provides affordable, easy to manage people counting to businesses world wide.

Lenovo is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality computing hardware. ThingLogix has partnered with Lenovo in the development of several AI at the Edge solutions for workplace safety, image and video processing and more.

Edgeworx and ThingLogix have partnered in the development of an AI at the edge managed infrastructure solution and a smart AI camera to support workplace safety and efficiency solutions in Workwatch.

OnLogic creates advanced, powerful, highly configurable small form factor computers that thrive where others fail. Their systems are deployed in some of the most challenging environments on, below and above the earth. ThingLogix and OnLogic have partnered to bring custom edge AI processing and industrial computing to the ThingLogix platform.

Quuppa is a powerful technology platform for location based services and applications. Its unique Direction Finding methodology and positioning algorithms enable real-time tracking of Bluetooth Low Energy tags and devices with centimeter level accuracy. ThingLogix is a Quuppa implementation service provider and has integrated Quuppa into the ThingLogix Platform.

Unbounded Labs is a design engineering firm which produces high quality and innovative device solutions. ThingLogix and Unbounded Labs have partnered to provide design engineering services and cloud based application solutions to customers.

ICI is a leading manufacturer of thermal cameras. ThingLogix is a partner and reseller of ICI cameras and a solution provider for thermal sensing applications including Workwatch, a back-to-work fever screening and compliance solution helping to fight COVID-19 and help businesses return to normal operations.

SpaceTrace tags are fully integrated with Workwatch to provide a complete contact tracing and social distancing solution to companies looking to return to work during the pandemic. These tags can also be used to track relative position of equipment and people using Ultra Wide Band.

Boston Dynamics is a leading manufacturer of advanced robotics platforms. ThingLogix, as part of the Boston Dynamics Developer Program has fully integrated Boston Dynamics Spot into the ThingLogix platform.