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Foundry Package for Image Analysis

The Foundry Package for Image Analysis incorporates image recognition technology into your market-facing solution, enabling rapid and automated quantification of foot or vehicular traffic, detection of individuals or objects by criteria that you specify, and even identification of specific individuals…

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Case Study: Beacon Technical Systems

This case study describes how water management solution provider Beacon Technical Systems sought to develop a smart, connected solution to expand the capabilities of its sump pump test and monitoring system. By using ThingLogix technologies and services, Beacon fielded a…

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Case Study: Avyzo

This case study describes how smart water metering company Avyzo faced a major challenge in the form of large-scale water leaks at the apartment complexes that one of its customers manages. Avyzo identified an opportunity to use smart, connected technologies…

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Imagine IoT

This short video introduces the concept of The Internet of Things. It highlights the market opportunity for smart, connected devices and provides several conceptual examples that help companies imagine how they can utilize IoT solutions to create new sources of…

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Advisory Services Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is a quick-reference document that introduces Advisory Services from ThingLogix – a full suite of business and technology advisory services to help companies succeed in maximizing value from The Internet of Things.