Let our experience be your advantage.

Defining The Connected Future Creates Possibility

Knowing How to Deliver It Creates Reality

Know Where You Want to Go

Smart objects. Connected infrastructure. Self-regulating systems. The technologies that enable The Internet of Things open up a vast realm of possibilities.

Ideas that were once only fanciful artifacts of science fiction, or at best prototypes that never left the laboratory, have increasingly found their way into the real world. Whether in industrial infrastructure, commercial and personal vehicles, electronic devices and components, or even our own homes, technologies that sense, analyze, communicate, and take action are increasingly ubiquitous.

Smart, connected technologies create intriguing possibilities for almost any type of organization. Yet the sheer volume of possibilities and lack of clarity about how to translate a vision into a commercially viable undertaking present daunting challenges.

How can an organization bridge this gap?

Find The Best Way to Get There

IoT success starts with a vision. Knowing what to do next is equally important.

Once an organization has outlined a clear vision of what it wants to achieve with smart, connected technologies, its leaders must forge a plan to meet their objectives. They must translate abstract into tangible. They must delineate the detail that powers work plans, enables coders to work their magic, gives shape to operating models, guides deployment and integration activities, ensures quality, and informs strategic decisions on an ongoing basis.

Even organizations that have world-class product development, project management, and business strategy capabilities may struggle to adapt these strengths to the challenges of IoT solutions.

Fortunately, there is one company that has the capability, credibility, and objectivity to help transform IoT vision into reality. ThingLogix.

Achieving Your IoT Vision Isn’t A Solo Act

Collaborate with An Expert Team to Enable Your Smart, Connected Future

Advisory Services

Full suite of business and technology advisory services to help companies succeed in maximizing value from The Internet of Things.

  • Business Strategy
  • Go-to-market Strategy
  • Technology Strategy
  • Vendor Selection

Development Services

Comprehensive development services for IoT solutions, to help companies maximize their innovation potential, accelerate time-to-value, and optimize the market opportunity on a sustainable basis.

  • Business and Go-to-market Strategy
  • Design & Build
  • Test & Learn
  • Deploy & Integrate
  • Operate, Maintain, & Evolve

Make Your IoT Journey A Success

Bring along The Experience, Insight, And Capabilities of An Expert Team

Decisiveness with Confidence

Advisory services that help you chart the optimal course, intelligently adapt to changes along the way, and achieve your business objectives.

  • Strategic advisory services that objectively define and recommend go-to-market options, drive you towards profitable growth, and help you achieve and maintain competitive differentiation
  • Technology advisory services that help you shape a rich set of relevant features and functionality, deliver enterprise-grade performance, and achieve technical and cost efficiency
  • Recommendations based on a history of success developing, implementing, and managing IoT strategies and solutions in a wide variety of complex enterprise settings

Freedom to Focus on Running Your Business

Development services that free you from the technical complexity while increasing your odds of business success.

  • Solution development and delivery services that cover all phases of creating a solution, from strategy to concept, from design to development, and to test and launch
  • Technical scope that spans cloud applications and infrastructure, mobile devices, endpoint hardware, and all dependent and interdependent enterprise systems
  • Managed services option, for businesses that prefer to shift the entire task of solution management outside their organization