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IoT Advisory Services

Perspective, Credibility, And Insight to Optimize Outcomes

Just as no two organizations are ever identical, neither is the IoT opportunity identical – even for businesses competing in the same industry. Beyond the multitude of factors that distinguish one organization from another, businesses seek differentiation as a means to compete more effectively. One size doesn’t fit all. Similarly, there is no single execution plan or technology approach that is right for all organizations.

Velocity IoT Workshop

Navigating a connected strategy is a complex undertaking. The Velocity IoT Workshop is your first step in understanding how to get IoT ideas from concept through to production deployment. 

  • Education
  • Business Model Design and Validation
  • Promises, Myths, Risks
  • Digital Transformation Opportunities
  • Service and Management
  • Security
  • Architecture Evaluation and Design
  • Impact to Systems and Operations
  • Production Readiness