Amazon Web Services

AWS provides world class infrastructure to build and run high performing, scalable and secure solutions. Navigating and architecting a solution across all of the different AWS services can be difficult. 

We use Well-Architected Framework best practices to build high-performing, scalable solutions supported by the secure, reliable, cost-effective infrastructure of the AWS Cloud.

Our platform, ThingLogix Foundry, makes it even easier to design, build and run applications by providing a configuration based development environment similar to 

Services We Provide

AWS Lambda

We deploy AWS Lambda to deliver reliable, secure, scalable solutions that meet our clients’ need for fast, efficient delivery at reasonable costs.


Build highly immersive applications using augmented and virtual reality. Connect with your customers in unique and exciting ways.


Move to the Cloud. We can help you move your applications and data stores to AWS and take advantage of best-in-class cloud services

Voice Applications

Voice user interfaces are the way we will interact with data in the future. Unlock the potential of your data through the use of Amazon Voice Services.

AI and Machine Learning

Gain insights into your data and create truly smart systems. We can help you design and build models and transform those insights into action


We help clients deploy connected product and industrial grade IoT solutions using serverless cloud technology
from AWS

App Portfolio Rationalization

Remove Enterprise Asbestos. Analyze your existing legacy application portfolio and create a roadmap to reduce costs and future proof your portfolio

Mobile Development

From commercial to Enterprise mobile apps, we can help you navigate the complexity of releasing your app to the world.

Custom Development

Sometimes custom apps are the only thing that will solve the problems you’re facing. We have experience designing and building custom cloud applications.

Managed Services

We can design, secure and run your AWS environment. Our experts are available to support your team so you can focus on your business.