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Development Services

Rapidly Bring Intelligent, Sustainable Solutions to Market

End-to-end IoT Solution Development

Many solutions and service providers claim to offer capabilities and services that cover the full spectrum of their customers’ needs. ThingLogix truly offers it all, from concept to launch and beyond.


Backed up by years of experience developing and managing smart, connected solutions in a wide variety of enterprise settings, we have the ability to rapidly size up any situation and help you bring your IoT vision to life.


With a strong partner network, we have the relationships, technical knowledge, and technology tools to get any job done at any scale… and to get it done right. 


For businesses that prefer to shift the entire task of solution management outside their organization, ThingLogix offers managed services as well. ThingLogix redefines “end-to-end” for IoT solutions, from development to full-lifecycle management.


IoT Solutions and Serverless Rapid Application Development

Building Cloud-based Application Solutions can be challenging. Our professional services team can help you architect and develop a complete Serverless solution for any industry. We have strong experience in edge computing, protocol translation, firmware development, and helping customers design and take products to market. We leverage our Foundry IoT PaaS for rapid application configuration and deployment, allowing us to deliver solutions that are good, fast, and cost-effective — thereby breaking the traditional IT Iron Triangle.

As part of your IoT and connected product, or a stand alone app that is part of your customer experience and digital transformation strategy, our mobile team can help you design, develop and manage your mobile app and product roadmap. Most importantly, we know the best mobile apps execute simple and complicated business processes, which is why we have invested in deep integration experience to make sure your mobile apps are fully integrated with your front-and-back office systems.

  •  UI/UX Design
  •  iOS and Android App Development
  •  BLE App and Product Integration
  •  Consumer and Enterprise App Experience
Create new customer experiences with Augmented and Virtual Reality, or model business processes in 3D and create digital twins of factories or machines using real data.  Whatever your use case, our team has deep experience in designing and building engaging mixed reality business applications, leveraging the latest AR/VR cloud technologies for rapid development and speed to market. Most importantly for our customers, we help them deliver serious mixed reality business apps, not some flashy ‘game-based’ AR/VR solution that adds no business value.

CRM and Enterprise Integration
IoT and connected machine data is used in the enterprise to drive workflows and make real business-critical decisions. Integrating streaming data into Enterprise systems can be challenging. Our experienced team can help adapt Enterprise systems and build the necessary integrations to realize real business value from your connected investments.
  • Development and Lightning Readiness Assessment
  •  ERP 
  • Financial System Integration
  •  CMMS Integration
  •  Legacy System to Cloud Migration or Sync
Sustained Development and Managed Services
Once your applications are developed or running on the cloud, evolving them and integrating new ideas and features is an ongoing process. The great thing about cloud platforms are that they are constantly changing, but that is a challenge for customers who struggle to find the time to enhance their apps and take advantage of the new features being rolled out seemingly every other day.  Supporting customers and existing applications through our Managed Services offering helps customers utilize our cloud expertise as needed, while ensuring you take advantage of all the future cloud platform enhancements.
  •  Custom SLAs
  •  Application Support
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management

Faster. Smarter. Better.

IoT Solution Development Cycle Time: ThingLogix vs. Standard Approach