Ideation and Transformation


Innovate and Accelerate

ThingLogix can help you build an integrated digital roadmap for that will better serve your needs and those of your customers. Our mission is to help you communicate, develop and integrate your ideas. 

Product Development and Prototyping

 Our process begins with a series of creative ideation sessions. We work with you to identify the direction you’d like to move and the methods, approach and criteria for success. We then develop the plan to get you from idea to working prototype and eventually onto manufacturing. 
  • Functional Prototype
  • Design Prototype
  • Small Scale Manufacturing
  • MVP Roadmapping

Sales Enablement Solutions

Our deep experience in sales enablement and CRM helps us work with you to develop creative ways that we can help turn your sales team into subject matter experts, provide creative training solutions, harness the power of AI in the sales process and build unique ways to make buying easier for your customers. 
  • Custom Product Demos
  • Sales Support Applications
  • Creative Training Solutions
  • Insights and Analytics 

Customer Engagement Solutions

We harness the power of event driven architectures and the cloud to make the promise of real-time engagement with customers a reality. 

  • Digital Signage
  • Chat Bot and AI Conversational Solutions
  • Smart environments
  • AI and Analytics