Mobile and Application Development

Let ThingLogix professionals guide you through the process of mobile app development. From the initial concept to the release of your app on targeted app stores like iTunes and Google Play, ThingLogix will help you to navigate and conquer the unknowns of making your great idea happen and then bringing it to the masses.

Services We Provide

User Experience Design

A great app starts with an eye toward usability and intuitive user flow. ThingLogix will translate your vision into workflow logic, database structure, and a blueprint for design and development. 

User Interface Design

From exploring an initial concept to launching on mobile stores like iTunes and Google Play, we build apps that generate revenue, improve customer experience, and provide unique ways to engage with your customers. 

Web and Beyond

Once you have your mobile app, customers will want more. We believe that the app is one piece of a digital strategy. Our team can work with you to create your app’s web presence, Alexa skill, analytics and more. We make sure you don’t paint yourself into a corner with your app. 


Case Studies

6-8 Sports

 6-8 Sports is a startup founded by 5x US Olympic Water Polo Team Captain, Tony Azevedo and 2x Gold Medalist Maggie Steffens. Their goal was to create a system to help youth athletes track performance over time and to provide tools and training exercises. The 6-8 mobile app provides training videos, statistics, game scoring tools and benchmarking of performance against every athlete in the system. We apply AI to analyze real-time streaming game stats to provide insights into in-game performance. 

Hoover Vacuum Cleaners

TTI Floor Care developed connected versions of several models of consumer vacuum cleaners. Upon analysis of their return and warranty claims, they found that most claims were the result of improper maintenance of the filters. The mobile app we developed provided command and control of the robotic vacuums as well as filter monitoring. 

NuYu Health-o-meter

Health-o-meter developed a consumer health and wellness brand, NuYu. The connected suite of products is comprised of a weight scale, a sleep system and an affordable activity tracker. The NuYu mobile app provides users with insight into the progress they are making toward their fitness goals as well as integrations into popular fitness partner services.