ThingLogix SMILE FAQs

Of course! The SMILE app can be downloaded on any apple or android smartphone, and guess what? It
can be on a personal device or on your or ‘Bring Your Own’ device as well!!

Firstly, Congratulations on receiving the SMILE App invitation email with registration password. Yay!
This means that you are successfully registered to our SMILE app and ready to start your experience. All
you need to do now is 1) to click on ‘Register here’ on the home page, 2) enter your username on the
next page and 3) set your new password. Oh and by the way, don’t forget to upload an awesome display
pic on your profile!

Oops! That seems like a glitch in the matrix! Just drop a message via the ‘contact us’ option here within
the Help centre, and either JOY or our app admin will get this sorted for you.


Hmm!! Our eMail delivery guy is usually very prompt! Probably delayed due to some traffic on the
server highway on its way to your inbox. Hey, but in case you haven’t received it in the next 10 minutes,
just drop a message via the ‘contact us’ option here within the Help centre, and either JOY or our app
admin will get this sorted for you. Cheers!

Worry not dear friend! Just drop a message via the ‘contact us’ option here within the Help centre, and
either JOY or our app admin will get this sorted for you. Cheers!

There is only one way we can get this done. All your data on SMILE app is a mirror image of your HR
information (With the exception of your profile picture, of course!). So once you update your details on
HR Direct, our smart SMILE App will pick it and update before the month end.

Of course yes! Golden Rule is that, your pic should have a SMILE in it!

Of course yes! Golden Rule is that, your pic should have a SMILE in it!

The secret lies in the Settings of your smartphone my friend! All you need to do is access that
functionality and turn it on for the SMILE app!

Oh yes! We want all the SMILE recognitions coming your way and the ones you are sending to your
colleagues to be delivered real time! So make sure you are connected to the net through data or Wifi to
use the app.

SMILE app introduces the exciting new feature of having a unique QR code for every employee! Now
whenever you want to recognise someone, you needn’t search for his or her name every time, guess
what? You can just take out your smartphone in style and select Scan the other person’s QR code. Cool
right? And THIS, is why SMILE app wants to access your camera!

Recognizing others and making colleagues SMILE

SMILE balance is the total of all recognitions you have received from your colleagues.
You can view each of them as you scroll below your home screen under the recent activity tab, right
from the first recognition you have received! Guaranteed to make you SMILE!
Well done you!

This is the most important question and this is why SMILE app exists! You can recognise anyone through
2 interesting ways! It all starts with you clicking on the ‘Recognise Someone Now’ button on the Home
screen and that’s when you see the 2 options on screen with JOY smiling above it 1) scan your
colleague’s QR code (which automatically opens up the camera for a ready scan!) or b) search him or her
by name.
Once you spot your colleague’s profile, click on ‘Send Smiles Now’ – and you will land on the recognition
screen where you can choose the points, select the service standard badge that your colleague deserves
and leave a comment to show them you truly mean it. #SpreadingSMILEs

Now that’s a good question to have. You can see 3 options for points in the recognition screen, and
that’s 5, 10 & 15, right? It’s a simple trick. If you think that the recognition-worthy experience that your
colleague delivered was awesome, then go for 5. If you think your colleague went over and beyond
awesomeness, then they deserve 10 points. Now if this amazing colleague of yours did something that made you think ‘Wow! That was really some out-of-the-world service’ then don’t think twice, close your
eyes and click on 15. Boom!

SMILE app is a platform to consciously spread SMILEs through recognizing each other. Keeping that in
mind, be as caring as possible when you recognise a person. In case you realised you recognised the
wrong colleague, Just drop a message via the ‘contact us’ option.

The SMILE APP Features

The SMILE Tools button is our GPS guide directing us to reach our ultimate destination where no bank
has gone before (remember from the training?). To be on track, we ensured it is embedded on every
single screen within the app. It is a reminder of our new strategic service framework that consists of our
Common Purpose, Service Standards, Leader Behaviours and our ‘Daily huddle’ calendar.
Together We SMILE!

This is a brand new exciting feature indeed! Click on that option and you’ll see a QR code pop up – and
that is your unique QR code, yes, a QR code generated exclusively for you. When your colleagues want
to recognise you, just show them your QR code and in a jiffy your profile will open up on their screens
(that is, if they have the SMILE app downloaded, if they don’t, this is where you encourage them to
download it)
By the way, you can also copy the link of your QR code and send it your colleagues in case they ask for
your details through chat or mail as well! Exciting huh?!

Oops! It is most likely that to your camera is not activated for the app. Very simple, just go to your
smartphone’s settings for SMILE App and enable the camera!

This is where you get to shine in front of the entire region and everyone gets to know the great effort
that you display using to your colleagues and all customers alike
This prestigious section is where we can see who all are championing our service standards and are
being recognised for delivering our SMILE service standards exceptionally to both our internal and
external customers
I hear you ask if this can be viewed differently. Yes indeed! You can filter the leader board further by
country business or function or even for a specific service standard.

SMILE leaders are refreshed instantaneously! You can see your profile climb the leader board in real
time when you receive recognitions! Woohoo!!

SMILE leader board is reflected instantaneously! But if that’s not the case here, you needn’t worry my
friend. It is most likely that there is a traffic jam in the recognition highway or an app update happening
in the background. If you continue facing this issue, please contact the app admin via the ‘contact us’
option in the help centre and either JOY or the app admin will take care of it.

#Coming Soon!
#Stay excited! #Stay curious! The offers and options that you can choose to redeem as you grow your
SMILE balance is coming soon This one’s a surprise and until it is revealed, let’s keep the suspense, shall