Take a faster path to IoT value.

Seeing The Opportunity Is Only The First Step

You Also Need The Right Tools to Get You There

The Opportunity

The Internet of Things is quickly becoming pervasive. Once merely a collection of ideas and disjointed proofs-of-concept, it has rapidly evolved into an installed base of tangible solutions that power devices, infrastructure, and systems at massive scale.

Organizations of all types are embracing smart, connected technologies to extend the capabilities of their existing business activities, introduce completely new capabilities, and create new sources of profitable growth. It is not difficult to envision a point at which IoT technologies are no longer just an option for doing business, but become the standard way that business gets done.

The time has never been more right for IoT-enabled business, but organizations must move quickly to seize the opportunity.

Industry Solutions


The Challenge

Bringing a smart, connected solution to life is complicated.

The development cycle extends not just from the first drawing board session to the launch date, but throughout the entire lifecycle of the fielded solution. A portfolio of multiple solutions multiplies the complexity.

Solutions running critical business processes, devices, and infrastructure must be enterprise-grade. Cloud capabilities are essential, but compute, network, and storage services in the cloud are numerous and always changing.

Even large organizations with ample IT budgets and highly experienced engineers struggle to create, launch, and manage IoT solutions in this environment. Organizations without large resource pools face still higher hurdles.

Platform And Products to Drive IoT Success

An Integrated Approach to Smart, Connected Everything


A cloud-based solution development and management platform that offers critical core functionality for managing the entire lifecycle of IoT solutions. Optimized for the serverless IT environment of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Foundry Packages

Sets of composite functionality packaged to enable specific IoT use cases, including: industry-specific solutions, IoT solution families, business functions, and integration with key enterprise systems.

IoT Solutions without ThingLogix

Slow, Not Scalable, Big Opportunity Cost

Spend Time Becoming An AWS Technical Expert

Understand how the various AWS products interoperate to enable the IoT solution and provide required functionality, performance, and security

Manually Code It, Each Time

Architect an orchestration layer on top of AWS and use it to write code to enable each discrete IoT solution

Figure out How to Integrate with Back-end Systems

Manage business operations functionality (e.g., account management, user management, asset management, interfaces with financial systems)

Constantly Keep Current with AWS Changes

Understand how AWS product changes and new product introductions impact the IoT solution, dependent systems, and supported business processes

IoT Done Right: ThingLogix Foundry

Fast, Scalable, Differentiated, Sustainable

Avoid The Technical Detail. Focus on Your Business.

Platform layer between core infrastructure and market-facing applications

Accelerate Time-to-Value

Simplified user experience for developing, testing, fielding, and managing IoT solutions

Manage Your IoT Solution Like A Profit Center

Core business operations functionality and systems integrations