Grow faster with ThingLogix

Increase the quantity and quality of farming products and increase the productivity and safety of the mine. 

Cows with sensors aren’t any smarter than cows without sensors. It’s the system that drives the smart innovations. 


The Internet of Things is quickly becoming pervasive. Once merely a collection of ideas and disjointed proofs-of-concept, it has rapidly evolved into an installed base of tangible solutions that power devices, infrastructure, and systems at massive scale.

Data is the lifeblood of any organization. Agriculture and Mining are no different. Both environments offer unique challenges for collecting that data, but no operation can survive without having information about the environment, crops, operations and safety at their fingertips. The emergence of ioT and AI represents a significant shift in the data collection and management.

t processes of a business. Even small, local farmers benefit from grater access to information. The time has never been more right for IoT-enabled business, but organizations must move quickly to seize the opportunity.

Farming with Foundry 

Bringing a smart, connected solution to life is complicated.

Today’s farmers are starting to transition their operations toward Precision Agriculture. At its core, precision agriculture is deploying intelligence to fields so that farmers can gain visibility into crop yields and cost factors as they grow crops. Data collected by IoT devices is transmitted to the Cloud and used to make decisions on how to manage crops on micro portions of fields, control fertilizer and pesticides, and obtain accurate yield estimates. 

Foundry can enable operational processes such as:

  • Optimizing fertilizers and their application timing and methods
  • Managing irrigation and precipitation patterns
  • Analyzing air temperature and moisture levels
  • Monitoring soil composition and treatments
  • Corp care 
  • Seed to processed product traceability