Accelerating Time to Market Isn't a Game

Time to market is everything when launching a consumer product. 

ThingLogix Foundry gets you to market faster than any other platform on the market. 


The Internet of Things is quickly becoming pervasive. Once merely a collection of ideas and disjointed proofs-of-concept, it has rapidly evolved into an installed base of tangible solutions that power devices, infrastructure, and systems at massive scale. 

Connected products are entering the consumer market at a blistering pace and customer expectations are high. From smart home controls to personal fitness and convenience, every aspect of consumer’s lives are becoming more connected. Increasingly, purchase decisions are made through recommendations with connectivity and interoperability being major concerns. As a connected product manufacturer, you can’t be slow and you can’t afford to put out low quality on any aspect of the user experience. 

ThingLogix Foundry has a proven track record of helping customers dramatically cut their development costs and time to market. 

Foundry provides the tools necessary to power engaging customer experiences such as:

  • Account and User Management
  • Easy Integration into CRM and ERP
  • Authentication across multiple devices and web properties 
  • Device and firmware management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Advanced UX (Voice, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality)