Technology is changing the way we learn. Let us teach you how.

You’ve seen the impact technology can have on how kids learn. Revolutions in Augmented and Virtual Reality and IoT are changing the game in the way we educate our children and train our employees. 


Education & Training with Foundry

Making your service personnel more effective is important as the number of “things” that potentially need servicing explodes. It’s not only cool to do predictive maintenance, it’s necessary to grow and thrive as a service business.

New types of user interfaces such as Virtual and Augmented Reality have made training and education more engaging, effective and in some cases safer. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it possible for machines to diagnose themselves and AI can predict failures that may happen down the road. 

Foundry helps companies better train and educate by:

  • Providing a foundation to orchestrate VR training experiences
  • Provides a platform to better manage field service repair personnel and to make sure they get the correct service content when it’s needed
  • Easy Integration into Learning Management Systems
  • AI Models to predict failures
  • Performance Analysis