Foundry Package for

Fluid Metering And Leak Detection

What It Is

Bring your fluid transportation and routing systems into the future with event-driven monitoring and management, powered by ThingLogix Foundry.

The Foundry Package for Fluid Metering And Leak Detection allows you to monitor flows of liquids in defined physical environments and take action in response to events. Instrument pipes, hoses, pipelines, valves, pumps, tanks, or other fluid-handling equipment with sensors — then connect them to this powerful Foundry Package to transform your fluid management infrastructure into smart, connected infrastructure.

Measure and manage water usage at a more granular level of insight and control, enabling more timely action and accurate billing. Track the flows of liquids across short or long distances, measuring a variety of attributes (e.g., volume, flow rate, temperature) and taking precise action to regulate flows as necessary. Reduce the incidence of leaks and other undesired outcomes by proactively initiating risk mitigation measures, and reduce the severity of incidents that do occur by reacting quickly to unforeseen events. Increase operating cost efficiency by reducing fluid use and shifting manual measurement and maintenance activities to fully or largely automated processes. Reduce capital expenditure by using existing infrastructure more efficiently. Manage fluid-related operations with greater confidence.

Key use cases include:

  • Commercial agriculture
  • Commercial real estate
  • Multi-tenant residential real estate
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Regulatory compliance

Product Highlights

  • Provides the ability to manually or autonomously take direct action on physical infrastructure for fluid management
  • Generates signals that actuate physical hardware (e.g., pumps, valves) and sends status and incident reports to reporting and analytics applications (e.g., Splunk, Teradata)
  • Maintains historical logs of fluid levels and flows to ascertain normal levels and detect deviations from the norm
  • Takes predefined fluid management actions in response to events, in real-time, or at pre-specified intervals
  • Obviates the need to write custom code to create a fluid management solution