Foundry Package for

Lambda Management

What It Is

Increase your visibility into the stream of events driving activity across your smart, connected solution, powered by ThingLogix Foundry. 

The Foundry Package for Lambda Management brings the power of event-driven serverless computing and IoT to your management of AWS Lambda resources.  This Foundry Package engages seamlessly with AWS’s Lambda compute service to provide greater visibility and control over Lambda resources. Create robust metadata models, rules and workflows to better manage application resources. Rapidly gather and process event data and route it to your solution, which can then take precise action in its physical environment. Enhance your application’s ability to respond quickly to events — even in real time — opening new possibilities for features, pricing, competitive differentiation, and revenue growth. Strengthen your predictive analytics capabilities via greater volumes of timely data, driving more accurate and impactful analyses and improving your ability to put resulting insights to work. Develop sophisticated chargeback models to bill your customers for resource utilization, helping you monetize more effectively.

Key use cases include:

  • Application asset management
  • Microservice cost allocation
  • Microservice usage metering
  • Serverless resource management

Product Highlights

  • Create metadata to provide insight into the events that drive Lambda volume
  • Easily integrate Lambda metadata into IoT solutions
  • Manage IoT application resources more effectively, by allowing your application to process each type of IoT event using algorithms specific to  that event, rather than via a single, general algorithm
  • Accelerate compute time without adding a server, increasing performance without increasing cost
  • View Lambda usage on a per-event basis, enabling greater understanding of how your application is utilizing serverless resources
  • Optimize IoT solutions by ensuring that each event is processed as fast as possible, allowing truly real-time functionality
  • Instrument your market-facing IoT solution with metering capabilities that simplify customer usage analysis and billing