Foundry Package for

Location-based Field Asset Requests

What It Is

Introduce advanced demand/supply pairing capabilities to your smart, connected solution, powered by ThingLogix Foundry. 

The Foundry Package for Location-based Field Asset Requests allows you to give your market-facing solution the ability to quickly and efficiently match requests from a person or device to a series of specified conditions. When the conditions are met, this Foundry Package assigns a “match”, triggering a predefined action that your solution takes. This is the same principle behind the popular ride-hailing applications that have reinvented the taxi industry worldwide. Imagine the possibilities of applying this same principle to your product, solution, business model, or technology architecture. Allow demand and supply to “find each other” more efficiently, in nearly any type of situational context. The only limiting factor is your imagination.

Key use cases include:

  • Automated medical alerts and drug delivery
  • Connected consumer applications and products
  • Industrial control systems
  • Personalized eCommerce
  • Physical security
  • Retail shelf replenishment
  • Supply chain optimization

Product Highlights

  • Intelligently match demand and supply parameters for a predefined set of conditions to create pairing sessions
  • Utilize location services to determine the closest object relevant to matching/pairing objectives
  • Dynamically track and adjust plot positions of relevant objects during each pairing session
  • Route multiple requests simultaneously across multiple users, with infinite scalability
  • Enable location-based mobile applications for iOS and Android