Foundry Package for

Machine Learning

What It Is

Introduce machine learning capabilities to your smart, connected solution, powered by ThingLogix Foundry. 

The Foundry Package for Machine Learning allows you to elevate the analytics capabilities of your market-facing IoT solution by managing your machine learning models and predictions within the context of the business processes and workflows they support. Utilize data from your smart, connected solution for analytical purposes by creating a data pipeline linking your application logic directly to your advanced analytics models. Enrich data sets from your IT environment — whether IoT infrastructure or other applications — with data from other sources to reveal new mathematical relationships and create more accurate predictions. Instrument your smart, connected infrastructure and business processes to operate in response to continuously more timely and accurate commands, thereby reducing downtime, lowering operating costs, improving business agility, and even increasing revenue. Shift from a reactive to a predictive orientation for IoT and put your solution on a path to artificial intelligence and autonomously operating infrastructure. 

Key use cases include:

  • Autonomous vehicle systems
  • Connected consumer applications and products
  • Field equipment maintenance
  • Industrial control systems
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Personalized eCommerce

Product Highlights

  • Build and configure machine learning models more efficiently by drawing directly from the underlying device data
  • Embed and utilize machine learning predictions directly within IoT solution workflows
  • Maintain machine learning models over time with greater efficiency, by keeping models constantly in direct contact with the underlying data
  • Create machine learning models with a simple series of clicks, and without the need for staff to have a data science background
  • Integrate with AWS Machine Learning, making your data and solution functionality easily extensible to other platforms