Foundry Package for

Mixed Reality

What It Is

Introduce virtual and augmented reality functionality to your smart, connected solution, powered by ThingLogix Foundry. 

The Foundry Package for Mixed Reality allows you to deliver virtualized and artificially enhanced environments via your market-facing solution. Enhance the real environment with sounds, images, and motion — or entirely replace the real world experience with an experience based on synthesized, alternative variants. Connect virtual experiences to the real world. Dramatically transform the user experience with your market-facing applications by introducing new levels of engagement and dynamic interaction with the real world or virtual environments. Address challenging business use cases in new and more efficient ways, or enable entirely new use cases that create new sources of value.

Key use cases include:

  • Complex manufacturing
  • Complex medical procedures
  • Entertainment
  • Hazardous materials handling
  • Simulation training

Product Highlights

  • Create and index AR and VR scenes and associate them with physical objects
  • Bind real-time device data to virtual assets
  • Incorporate AR and VR capabilities into enterprise desktop and mobile applications
  • Simplify complex manual workflows and improve process efficiency via relevant scene overlays, virtual objects, and entirely virtualized scenes
  • Address business use cases that are prohibitively challenging to address in a conventional physical environment (e.g., hazardous waste removal, deep ocean equipment repair and recovery)