Foundry Package for®

What It Is

Bridge the worlds of customer data and machine data for your smart, connected solution, powered by ThingLogix Foundry.

The Foundry Package for allows you to utilize your CRM data directly within the context of your market-facing IoT solution. Drive actions in a connected device‚Äôs physical environment. Anticipate, offer, and deliver personalized outcomes for your customers using smart, connected devices and apps. Capture data at the device or within the app and enrich customer profiles within Salesforce. Build a virtuous cycle of continuously improving CX and customer satisfaction by synchronizing Foundry and your Salesforce instance. Define and enable new revenue and cost efficiency opportunities based on the 2-way linkage of data in your Salesforce instance with device data — both device-specific metadata and device-generated data.

Key use cases include:

  • Connected consumer applications and products
  • Personalized eCommerce
  • Predictive equipment maintenance

Product Highlights

  • Connect any type of smart, connected device to Salesforce using simple OAuth
  • Capture device-level data (e.g. device-specific metadata) and associate it with corresponding data within Salesforce
  • Synchronize your Salesforce data with your IoT data (2-way synchronization)
  • Use your Salesforce data to enable sophisticated process workflows that utilize integrated customer and device data
  • Dynamically control an IoT endpoint environment based on customer-specific, contextually-relevant information
  • Infuse event-driven logic into workflows to strengthen your predictive analytics capabilities and expand business agility