Compliance and Accuracy

COVID-19 Temperature Monitoring

Support for thermal cameras to capture temperature as the employee enters and exits the site. Understand who your worker has come into contact with and easily alert HR and medical staff. Facial Recognition support offers no-touch clock-in and out option. 

Facial Recognition

Easy to install cameras allow for no-touch clock-in and out. Works with multiple 3rd party cameras.

Mask Detection

Detect if an employee enters the facility without a protective face covering.


Create your access rules and integrate WorkWatch with your access control systems. 


Manage Your Workforce

Worker Management

Manage Employee Records or integrate and sync data with HR Systems

Shift Management

Flexibility to design your work days and shifts as needed.

Location Management

Supports multiple locations and employee access to specified areas. 

Integrate and Extend

Turnkey Integrations

Turnkey and seamless cloud-based integrations make it easy to get data into your core Enterprise Systems

Full power of AWS

ThingLogix Time and Attendance deploys into your AWS account which makes it easy for you to build extensions or customizations to suit your business. 

Data Security and Privacy

Your data is never intermingled with other companies. Foundry installs into your AWS account using CloudFormation.