Remove Complexity from IoT.

ThingLogix Foundry

A Low Code Platform for The Serverless IT Environment

Build connected apps and deliver on the promise of Serverless IoT in the Cloud with the #1 Enterprise IoT/Serverless cloud platform – Foundry, from ThingLogix

  • Develop solutions with clicks not code
  • Rapidly deliver your connected product solution
  • Leverage the infinite scalability of Serverless technologies
Launch IoT, connected product, and serverless apps in days, not months, and reduce your development costs by 70%. 



Give your product management teams the power to quickly and easily build your connected solutions on the Foundry platform.



Build solutions with clicks or code – Foundry is like for your connected product solutions. You can configure an entire application, or extend with your favorite coding language. 

Don’t waste time building all the basics needed for every connected product app – Foundry already has app support solutions for asset management, heirarchies, user and device authentication, MQTT, data simulation, FTP to MQTT, CoAP to MQTT, HTTPS to MQTT and much more! 

Increase the velocity of your entire organization – We’ve had customers try to build custom connected solutions for 12 months, and failed…but then were able to build their solution on Foundry in 6 weeks. Yes, it’s that easy and fast!

Deliver proof of concept solutions in hours, and then scale them right to production – Want to prove to your management that your connected product idea is viable? We’ve helped people build real connected proof of concept solutions in less than 1 day…and they later scaled it to production after approval! 

Build digital twins for all your connected products quickly and easily – Know the status of all your connected products by viewing the digital twin of each product inside of Foundry…even see the digital twin information change in real-time as new device data/status is received or changed. 

Integrate your IoT device data with your Enterprise applications – Foundry comes with pre-built integrations to common Enterprise systems like, or you can easily extend to anything using our published REST based APIs. 

Auto-provision your devices in the field while managing their firmware and digital certificates –  It’s like magic. Devices self register and auto-provision themselves in Foundry, while receiving updates on things like firmware or configurations, all done securely with digital certificates so you know no one is trying to connect things they shouldn’t!

Use facial recognition and image processing in your apps – Derive data from image files and build applications that utilize that information to deliver powerful user experiences and to drive workflows or take actions on devices. 

Rapidly extend your solution to your mobile and other apps with our REST based APIs – Need to get your connected product data into your custom mobile app or to build extensions to solve your unique problems? Use our REST based APIs and your favorite development language to extend and customize Foundry. 


Spend time getting value out of your IoT device data not managing the infrastructure or data – With Foundry, you spend your time taking action based on your connected product data, whether that be to generate revenue, reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve customer transparency, or just deliver a better customer experience. 

Move faster with pre-built building blocks – Foundry packages are pre-built application building blocks that you can quickly deploy to solve typical problems such as integrating with, using facial recognition, supporting voice enabled ordering, and much more. Check our our Foundry Packages. 

Manage your device and user hierarchies and leverage state of the art security – Don’t waste time building administrative solutions to onboard/offboard users, manage permissions, configure device attributes across all your devices. Instead, click your way to configuring all of this in Foundry. Even better…configure all this while also leveraging best-in-class security including 2 factor authentication, encryption in transit and at rest, and digital certificates. 

Make your apps smarter with Machine Learning that leverages all your IoT and Enterprise data – What is the point of collecting data from your connected products if you can’t leverage machine learning to gain insights? With Foundry you can build models quickly and easily, gaining insight into your data and making your system smarter. 

Quickly configure workflows, alerts/alarms, business rules and logic – To make data actionable you need to define rules, workflows, alerts, messages, and integrations…and you can configure all this in Foundry in minutes. 

Incorporate voice control into your connected product solutions…and let your business manage the conversation – Yes, you can connect Alexa or Google home to your product and have conversations with your devices…BUT you can also manage Alexa skills, and easily use data from any device or Enterprise system to drive the conversation. 

Make your data come alive by incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) into your solution – Not satisfied with a data based digital twin or your connected products? Instead, make it come alive by using VR/AR to visually represent your connected devices and the environments they are installed into. Create digital signage or virtual concierge solutions managed by Foundry. 

Make your data pretty – Visualize your data with our dashboard building tools and analytics or connect to your chosen BI or Analytics tool directly to Foundry.