The Government of the Future

Smart cities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Government and public sector innovation around Serverless Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things. 


Governments at the local, state and federal level can use cloud and IoT technology with connected devices to improve the quality of services provided to citizens. Whether it’s smart cities, monitoring of facilities, innovative ideas for better service or environmental science, ThingLogix Foundry and AWS can help. 

Our Foundry platform runs on AWS GovCloud and has been used to: 

  • Monitor and analyze wildlife migration patterns
  • Monitor and alert on environmental conditions in remote locations
  • Monitor water levels in rivers in landslide prone areas
  • Implement Facial and Sentiment analysis in public buildings
  • Power Virtual Concierge kiosks to improve customer service and reduce waiting times
  • Providing a Serverless VPC IoT Platform on AWS GovCloud








IoT Done Right: ThingLogix Foundry

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