Powering Customer Experiences in Retail

ThingLogix is helping companies optimize their solar deployments in Africa.

One hundred and ten million people in Africa live without power. Our customers are making sure that number becomes much lower.

The Internet of Things is quickly becoming pervasive. Once merely a collection of ideas and disjointed proofs-of-concept, it has rapidly evolved into an installed base of tangible solutions that power devices, infrastructure, and systems at massive scale.

Data is the lifeblood of any organization. Energy and utilities are no different. Remote locations and high power facilities offer unique challenges for collecting that data, but no operation can survive without having information about the efficiency, operations and safety at their fingertips. The emergence of ioT and AI represents a significant shift in the data collection and management processes of energy businesses. Even small, energy companies benefit from greater access to information to manage their equipment in the field, optimize performance, bill customers and integrate with 3rd party systems.

The time has never been more right for IoT-enabled business, but organizations must move quickly to seize the opportunity.

Energy with Foundry

Bringing a smart, connected solution to life is complicated.

One of our customers is providing turn-key home and agricultural solar systems in remote areas of Africa. ThingLogix Foundry enables them to manage and optimize their deployments, collect data for customer billing and more efficiently service the equipment. Data collected by IoT devices is transmitted to the Cloud via cellular and used to monitor usage, performance of the unit and to collect environmental data. 

Foundry can help energy companies by:

  • Creating an open and flexible system to build applications
  • Centralize business logic
  • Orchestrate the integration between enterprise systems
  • Apply Machine Learning Algorithms for predictive maintenance¬†
  • Run Analytics to tune the system performance
  • Handle millions of devices and multiple protocols