Smart Buildings

ThingLogix Foundry for Smart Buildings on stage at AWS Re:Invent

We have been working on smart buildings for years, even introducing the first connected soap dispenser at AWS RE:Invent with the launch of the AWS IoT Services. Our experience spans building management, mechanical systems, security, cleaning and labor efficiency. Building and home monitoring systems are a critical tool for leasing companies and property managers to provide safer more efficient buildings to their tenants. 

Safe Building

Improved building security through monitoring or video feeds, access controls as well as monitoring and controlling the building infrastructure and mechanicals to improve the overall safety for tenants and visitors. 

Smart Building

Reduce costs, improve efficiencies and increase occupant and visitor satisfaction and productivity. By installing smart systems into buildings, the building mechanical systems such as hvac, electrical, lighting, water and access controls can interact with each other to take action and resolve problems and inform people to take action when needed.  ThingLogix works with smart home solution providers to provide an affordable, easy to install and extensible Smart Building platform:


ThingLogix Smart Building Solutions Include:

  • REIT Portfolio Monitoring
  • Access Control
  • HVAC Monitoring and Predictive Service Management
  • Water Usage and Leak Detection Monitoring
  • Environmental Sensing 
  • Easy Integration with 3rd party smart home products

Pre-Built Integrations:

  • Phillips Hue
  • Samsung SmartThings
  • ServiceMax
  • Digi
  • Fluke Equipment
  • Open API to make integration easy

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