Smart Cities

The Internet of Things (IoT) Smart City Framework or IES-City Framework (pronounced “YES-City”). It is a moniker that inspires a vision of a city where key components of infrastructure and services – environmental, emergency response, traffic and energy management to name a few – are integrated in such a way that features and applications can easily be combined with whatever capability existed before. 

Safe Cities

Yes-City priority one is the Citizen safety by enabling multiple types of IoT devices and connected with backend AI and deep learning engines. 

Smart Building

Reduce costs, improve efficiencies and increase occupant satisfaction and productivity using IoT, AI, ML & IP. 

Optimized Energy

Apply usage tracking and smart grids to deliver a reliable, efficient, and greener energy transmission while lowering rates for customers.

Efficient Field Services

Smarter groceries, delivery, traffic, public services based on ML engine.