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Foundry Architecture

Sophisticated Outcomes without Technical Complexity

When a business introduces an IoT solution to market, great things can happen. New revenue streams, renewed customer interest in older product lines, lower operating costs, higher technical efficiency, improved customer satisfaction… and many more possibilities as well.

But the process of designing, developing, launching, and managing an IoT solution can be complicated. Businesses must be able to program core business logic to power the solution and make it differentiated in the market. They must be able to manage data, devices, connectivity, security, and complex cloud functionality… not just when the solution launches, but as it scales and evolves over time. They must also integrate the solution with core business processes, so that the solution becomes a true part of the business. 


Foundry addresses these challenges, not only making it easy to bring a smart, connected solution to market, but also to manage, scale, and evolve it over time… and even introduce additional solutions to complement it.

Foundry transforms The Internet of Things from a conceptual opportunity to a business reality.

A Full Application Stack for IoT

Bridging The Gap between Infrastructure And Applications

Foundry is a cloud-based solution development and management platform (PaaS) that offers critical core functionality for managing the entire lifecycle of IoT solutions

  • Consists of 8 modules that offer essential functionality for any market-facing IoT solution
  • Allows businesses and other organizations to quickly and easily create, deploy, manage, and evolve connected solutions
  • Interfaces seamlessly with Foundry Packages – sets of specialized IoT functionality for specific use cases
  • Optimized for the serverless IT environment of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

ThingLogix removes the complexity of bringing IoT solutions to market

Putting Foundry to Work for You

Blending Your Technology with Ours to Create Great Things

Example: Pipeline Monitoring Solution for Oil & Gas

Foundry and Foundry Packages offer everything that an organization needs to bring feature-rich, high-performance, and differentiated IoT solutions to market. 

Foundry offers a full set of core enabling functionality for smart, connected solutions. The composite architecture of Foundry Packages allows engineering and product teams to select the functionality that they need to power specific industry use cases, enable differentiating features, and integrate with critical internal and third-party systems.

When an organization adds its own intellectual property  – whether in the form of custom firmware, device configuration settings, proprietary system design, or other parameters – the result is a powerful, market-facing IoT solution that reflects the unique attributes and goals of the business. 

The market-facing solution isn’t only distinct because of what the end customer sees, but also because of what lies underneath, throughout the platform and infrastructure layers of the cloud stack. ThingLogix Foundry manages all aspects of the solution across its entire lifecycle, while embedding the solution within core business processes via seamless integration with the organization’s enterprise systems. Foundry also orchestrates all of the underlying compute, network, and storage functions of AWS that enable the solution’s functionality and give it enterprise-grade performance, reliability, scalability, extensibility, and security.

The result? Organizations can devote more time to running the business, rather than on engineering the underlying architecture that powers their connected solutions.

Two Options, Infinite Possibilities

Accelerate Your Path to IoT Value, Whichever Path You Choose

Build it Yourself

  • Access Foundry and Foundry Packages through the AWS Marketplace
  • Design, test, deploy, and manage one IoT solution or a whole solution portfolio
  • Ideal for product development and engineering teams

Let Us Build It for You

  • We shape your vision into tangible, customized solution concepts and technical specifications
  • We architect, enable, and deploy your new solutions rapidly and efficiently
  • Ideal for CXOs and GMs, as well as product development and engineering teams with limited IoT experience and/or resources

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