Top 4 Companies at Maximize

Two weeks ago, we went to ServiceMax’s trade-show event in downtown San Francisco: Maximize. It focused on the field service industry with keynote speakers demonstrating the changes this sector has seen in the last few years. It was a fabulous three days. With over 600 attendees, this was possibly one of the most productive events we’ve ever attended. As an Internet of Things (IoT) services and consultation company, Maximize was ripe with interest for IoT solutions, primarily because field service is taking IoT very seriously. We had a lot of conversations with people who are extremely excited to see what IoT will do for them. And on the flip side, we were excited to see what many companies are doing to make IoT more complete and feasible. Here’s a quick list of our top 4 companies we met at Maximize, who are pushing the development of IoT.

MapAnything for ServiceMax21. MapAnything by Cloudbilt is an app on the Salesforce App Exchange. As the name implies, it allows you to map… anything, in your Salesforce org. It’s a native app that provides territory management, proximity-based searching, and visualization maps. You can also optimize travel routes, verify check-ins, and view real-time traffic on Salesforce1. Why’s this significant? For IoT data, visualizations – or should I say helpful visualizations – companies want to see their data for actionable responses. Because every piece of data is attached to some location, having the ability to map out any and all types of Salesforce data will prove to be incredibly useful.

2. infomill. For field technicians, they need all the information they can get on the asset or product to which they’re attending. infomill digitizes user guides, info and data sheets, assembly information, etc. which makes it helpful, easily accessible, and interactive. This data can now be live and responsive for field technicians, manufacturers, and customers. Why is this significant? To make IoT in field service a fully functioning process, it’s necessary to understand the connected piece of equipment and visualize a detailed layout. For technicians, how great would it be to have a service that allows them see what’s going on with a broken machine before arriving on sight? Having this content digitized, available, and live will absolutely change field service for the better.

3. SightCall is another great service for field service technicians. What if techs could virtually interact on service calls using a mobile phone camera? Imagine diagnosing a problem with a dispersed team, capturing video, images, and drawing telestrator diagrams (think football and John Madden drawing on camera) and archiving all of this information on the fly. SightCall is improving the ability to work remotely and collaborate as a group and then archive the work.

4. USDM Life Sciences. It’s hard to write a paragraph on what these guys do, but in a nutshell, they provide professional services for the regulated life science industry. They offer business process, technology and compliance solutions for the regulated life science industry.  They are “experts in improving business value through the implementation and adoption of new technologies that run regulated business processes.” Why is this significant? IoT data is taking root in healthcare technology which requires strict compliance regulations which makes implementation a tough process. USDM can help manufacturers, healthcare facilities, and everyone in between improve processes and products for next the generation (i.e. Internet of Things data).

We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with ServiceMax and all the relationships we’re building within their ecosystem. It’s an exciting time to be at the forefront of a new industry and to witness other people situating themselves at front of this new wave. Not only that, it’s fun just to see all the great stuff people are building. We’re happy to be a part of it!

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