Welcome to Foundry

Getting Started – The Basics

Once Foundry is installed, you’ll need to start designing and configuring your solution. To get started, you’ll need to understand a few things about the environment.  

Object Type Template

Object Type Templates are the foundational element in Foundry. An Object Type Template defines a reusable solution component. Object Types can be digital representations of physical devices or logical/virtual elements you will use in the solution. Create your first Object Type Template.

Formula Fields

Formula Fields allow you to build logical expressions to transform data and trigger actions based on data coming into the object. Formula fields are defined on the Object Type Template. 


Foundry Actions

Actions are a mechanism in Foundry to allow users to perform an “Action” when certain conditions are met. 

Search in Foundry

The Object Manager search is a powerful method for finding objects and executing actions on a found set. 

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