United Way Customer Engagement

Carey Terry
June 3, 2024

Providing poverty Services in Monterey County

United Way of Monterey County (https://www.unitedwaymcca.org) has been working with ThingLogix to build a solution that connects families with rent assistance, utilities payments, and other services that will help them succeed.

ThingLogix and United Way developed the Smart Referral Network which allows United Way to:

  • Track eligibility
  • Offer automated yet accurate suggestions of where to receive affordable childcare, affordable housing,  financial support services, and connections both for people searching for help and volunteers 
  • Measure outcomes and confirm that services were provided successfully and on time
  • Confirm when a payment is made with real-time reporting
  • Utilize information from 2-1-1’s information and referral  database
  • Promote equitable, strong, and health communities

Before partnering with ThingLogix, United Way developed a referral program for families and their clients that directs them to a place that can offer help, but this process was extremely manual. Although it brought diverse local community benefit organizations together, it was high touch and the outcomes of referrals often went unrecorded. 

 To increase referral accessibility, ThingLogix used United Way’s groundbreaking referral program and digitized it by creating the Smart Referral  Network . The Smart Referral Network provides information on clients, services, and referrals to ensure a financially stable future.

The solution allows for “closed loop” referrals to be documented and is an easy way to keep records and run analytics based on outcomes.  The Smart Referral Network leverages United Way’s existing referral network, increasing  its scale and impact.  Agencies can now access a range of services nationwide  and have confidence that their referrals will lead to helpful programs for their clients. 

United Way of Monterey County Referral Network.

This has been a herculean project that involved software design and implementation; community outreach and partner development, and addressing unforseen contingencies. We worked over several years to build a platform that increases access to needed health and human services for vulnerable residents in our community. Over the pandemic, our solution has provided immediate assistance to many affected families. - Josh Mafdis Vice President of Community Investments at United Way of Monterey County.

Removing the burden of rent or utilities payment is a welcome stress relief for the many families impacted by the global health crisis and economic recession. The Smart Referral Network helped United Way’s case workers navigate over 2,650 applications and distribute more than $900,000 in rent and utility assistance.

United Way of Monterey County  improves lives by mobilizing the caring power of local communities to encourage financial stability for Monterey County families. United Way of Monterey County  focuses  on the foundation of a quality life: early care and education, affordable housing, and asset building. 



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